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In the computer industry, we have gotten used to seeing technological advancements almost on a daily basis. But the true milestones have not been so bountiful in the cyber security field. In fact, with the introduction of crypters and ransomware, we face challenges which antivirus software were never designed to meet. There considerably less time to react, the competition is more sophisticated. Organizations need better ways to protect their information hence the need for a revolutionary cyber security device. It is no longer enough to exclusively provide protection, organizations must be ready to face new threats. To make this happen, we have to invent a technology that radically enhances the process of protecting information. A technology that increases security levels in a revolutionary way and transforms the cyber security landscape by helping people stay ahead of a world that changing rapidly than ever. With this vision of a more secure world, we created a cyber security company dedicated to this task. We have named it Jiggsoft where we have herein filled its ranks with veterans of entrepreneurs from the early Mac OS X software scene, hackers, and military specialists. We started in the only logical way by taking a long hard look at current technology. In the antivirus software, we observed something already stretched beyond its limits, not all systems were optimized for a world with connected devices. We also looked at several threat intelligence platforms, but they were both complex and costly. Only our engineers could figure out how to use them. Clearly, a platform designed for a world where every device could be connected in the future would have to be very different. It would have to be built for testing the most dangerous threats, to make interaction effortless. It would have to offer a threat intelligence platform more advanced than anything we have used before. It would have to support the deployment of real threats, so that people instead of simulation, see the concrete results. Additionally, if theres any lesson to be learnt from the past, this new device would have to be intuitive, even first time computer users can put it to work. Thats the idea we have developed that has allowed us to create a new cyber security platform, affordable for use to everyone Chernobyl. Our foundation and principles are rooted in the old days when we used to be young and ambitious programmers with a vision of making the Mac great again. We have succeeded. Today we have another great ambition to create the leading cyber security company in the Nordics.